Where the Wind Whispers

Time: 30 minutes   |  Producer: Mani Mirsadeghi   |   Scriptwriter: Saeideh Akhkan  |  Music: M. R. Aligholi  |  Language: English & Persian (Farsi)

2013: If you only take a glance, the desert is nothing but endless dunes of sand. To discover the desert’s marvels, you need inquisitive eyes. You should stop and smell the scent of its wild flowers. You should track the stars and the birds, seek out the beasts in their nests, and find streams of water next to streaks of stones. This is the path that we took in the desert, in South Khorasan, in a region located in eastern Iran, bordering Afghanistan. This documentary is the result of our year-long journey to discover the wonders in the land of whispering sands.