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-Director/Executive Producer/ Photographer -

Documentary film about the history and present condition of the Caspian Tiger
Time: 60 minutes   |   Producer: Mani Mirsadeghi   |   Writer: Saeedeh Akhkan    |   Music: M. R. Aligholi    |   Language: English & Persian (Farsi)

Winter 2010: The Iranian environmental expert, Shakiba, has heard of recent sightings of the officially extinct Hyrcan tiger. He visits villages south of the Caspian and talks to locals who reported the sightings. Shakiba discusses the results with wildlife experts. His efforts coincide with official decision to exchange 2 Irani leopards with two Siberian tigers. Concerned about their adjustment to the new habitat, he follows their journey through a documentary and news reports. This is a film about hopes and doubts, expressed by those active in protection of wildlife in Iran.