Irani Wildlife

-Director/Executive Producer/ Photographer -

Time: 60 minutes   |   Producer: Mani Mirsadeghi   |   Writer: Saeedeh Akhkan    |   Music: M. R. Aligholi    |   Language: English & Persian (Farsi)

2008: “Irani Wildlife” is a journey. I used scientific knowledge, form and color, music and poetry, as the vehicle of this fantastic journey. I tried to find and give a new vision of unique Iranian environment and of wildlife challenges in Iran. To many outsiders, Iran means desert and oil. Through “Irani Wildlife”, the audience will find a four seasons land with various plants and animals. This film records the movement of open field, sky and sea, and the wildlife of Iran poetically. With this work, I hope to make the people more attentive about the life and nature, and the conservation of endangered species.